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    When you have founts of energy, a happy go-going voice and an ability to connect easily with people, you can be a really good RJ, or move to humanitarian work across the globe putting your people skills to even better use. Like Gita Modgil, the effervescent former RJ with Radio City, who has worked with NGOs in Aceh, West Bank/Gaza and Dhaka since her memorable stint asA� Bangalorea��s beloved Disco Rani, queening over drive time shows.

    a�?I am currently working with an NGO that focuses on research in development related to aquaculture, called WorldFish,a�? she tells us describing how being part of the first ever FM station in India was a big deal. a�?You cannot match the thrill of being heard and getting immediate listener feedback. Making someonea��s day by playing their favourite song as they drive to work, or saying hello to a listenera��s child because they requested ita��interviewing interesting people and putting them in the hot seat or finding out what drives them to be successful. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. RJing is never just one thing,a�? she explains. Modgil also feels that currently, FM is evolving constantly.

    a�?It went through the indie stage, then the conforming stage where everyone was playing the same songs, and the current stage where I think diversity is coming back again albeit slowly.a�? Her first song on radio was Nelly Furtardoa��s Ia��m Like A Bird. a�?And even now when I listen to it, I get that same euphoric feeling. Going on air for the first time was incredible. I dona��t think I have ever replicated it except for when I jumped out of a plane sky-diving! The same pit in your stomach with the same reward at the end,a�? she says.
    The one thing radio taught her?

    a�?To think on my feet and smile as people can hear your smile. Always!a�?

    a�� Reema Moudgil


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