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    Glamour girls turn daredevils on land, sky and sea adventures


    This season of Life Mein Ek Baar, on FOX Life, adds a high dose of style to the reality show. The third season features Evelyn Sharma, Rochelle Rao, Pia Trivedi and Mahek Chahal centred around Thailand Diaries a�� Things Money Cana��t Buy. The girls go on an emotional roller-coaster as they sky dive, bungee jump, kite surf, and connect with each other. We get them chatting.

    Evelyn Sharma
    Your take on the show.
    I never thought I would get to cross off all the things on my bucket list and live my biggest dreams, with three amazing girls. It was a fantastic experience.

    Most exhilarating activity.
    We went cliff diving. It may look easy but when youa��re up on the cliff, you will think twice before jumping. I took an hour to decide.

    An episode youa��re most keen to see.
    The Jet Pack flying episode. I felt like the king of the world. I just want to see now if I looked anywhere as cool as Hritik Roshan did in his last film.

    Bonding with the girls.
    All these extreme situations made us bond a lot. We would motivate each other and help the other overcome feara��I was usually the scared one. We really formed a great friendship and are still in touch.

    Has it changed you?
    I am stronger, more courageous, and have lots of new friends now. I feel you can achieve anything, if you take that leap of faith.
    Premieres November 26, at 10 pm on Fox Life.


    Pia Trivedi pia
    Personal highlights.
    Sky diving, playing with tigers, actually shooting a machine gun, cliff diving a�� they were so liberating.

    Audience interest.
    I think they would be most interested to see all the nakhra. Who did which stunt? How? Why? And how we four got along.

    Learning from experience.
    It was great to bond with the girls; help each other when needed and just have a wild time otherwise. The show reminded me that I need to keep pushing my limits.

    Rochelle Rao
    The hardest part of the show.
    Coming back home. Every day we would do such exciting things that I could have gone on for 20 more days because I am that slightly over enthusiastic sort.

    Toughest activity.
    Bungee jumping. Humans arena��t wired to step off a ledge. But it gives you freedom after letting go. In life too, take the leap of faith.

    A task the audience must try
    Sky-diving. Myriad thoughts go on in your head, then suddenly youa��re flying. It is worth all the anxiety through the build-up.

    Mahek Chahalmahek
    What appealed to you the most?
    The opportunity to participate in amazing adventure sports
    was fantastic. Scuba diving, for me, was the most exhilarating, especially since it was a first-time experience. I quite enjoyed showing the world that we women can do pretty much anything we set our minds to. With the right amount of fitness and determination, we can give any man a run for his money.

    Scoop on Thailand.
    Other than me, the audience will get to experience a slice of Thailand, its amazing culture and the wonderful opportunities it presents to a travel and adventure sports enthusiast.

    Anything you learned from the show?
    Ia��ve discovered that Ia��m an adrenaline junkie. My fears about adventure sports have all been overcome and now travelling for me will have to include that walk on the wild side.

    a�� Aakanksha Devi



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