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    A�YOU might remember him as the cute gullible boy from Always Kabhi Kabhi in 2011. Five years and three films later, the 25-year-old Chattisgarh lad has done everything from losing weight to smoking beedis and rearing pigs to get into the skin of his character in Kerry On Kutton directed by Ashok Yadav. Satyajeet Dubey plays the lead role of Kerry, a pig farmera��s son, in this coming of age movie set in Ballia in UP. A a�?gangster comedya��, the film illustrates how ambitions lead to crime. Drawing a sketch of his character, Dubey says, a�?Kerry is a guy whom you can find in the chowk chauraha of any small town; he comes from the lower strata of society. His sole ambition in life is to get laid somehow. He badmouths, is uncouth and has his own set of rules.a�?

    The character
    Dubey, who was last seen in Bankey ki Crazy Baarat last year has worked very hard for his character in the film and says that playing Kerry has been the best experience in his life so far. a�?I shifted my base to Lucknow for 30 days before the shoot commenced, stayed there, lived the life of my character Kerry and slowly it all started falling into place. I really didna��t have much difficulty in doing the accent but more than that I had to flesh out the character, come up with some unique characteristic nuances,a�? says Dubey.

    Shifting paradigm
    Dubey feels that the audience today is exposed to world entertainment and they expect more from a film. a�?As a society our perspectives are changing towards eccentric, twisted and dysfunctional characters and stories. Because all these stories and characters come from our very own surroundings, the audience has become very receptive of such changes which is great for movie makers and actors because of which we get to try out a lot of different things and these times are quite exciting for the new breed of cinema people,a�? signs off Dubey.
    The movie releases today.

    a�� Saloni Sinha


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