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The a�?Heal A Childa�� costume party at Westin turned out to be a hit with the city party lovers.

It was a beautiful and creative way to engage people and contribute towards a great cause. The crowd dressed as princesses to Pharaohs were a visual treat with the colours and choices.

Nithin dressed as a Sardar brought Akshay Kumar of Singh is King alive. Karen with her vivacious smile, dressed in red and black drape, was up for some serious competition to several Bollywood celebs. Juhi in a blue-purple Maharastrian style saree coupled with the gold looked the quintessential strong-willed Maratha warrior willing to destroy the enemy to smithereens.

The Ugadi festive spirit is spurring several women groups to have another reasons to organise dress up meets with an ethnic touch. Charul in a blue skirt teamed with a kaftan cut top, the gold touch and blue glares was a cocktail of Indo-Western. She was charm and glamour personified.
Amongst all the light-heartedness, the forming of new IT policies in N Convention and The Farm Land policy event at Osmania University campus were a reflection that the city is serious about pushing the boundaries of business and markets.

With the heat soaring every day, just remember not to take life so seriously. And yes, taking a plunge in the pool or just surrendering to some lemon ice tea can instant cool you and put you back in the party mode.
(The writer runs her own organic cafe, spa, salon Meghavi and is a people’s person with a pulse on the city’s happenings)


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