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    Lakshmi Menon on growing up with Tamil films and taking life as it comes

    Kerala-based actress, Lakshmi Menon, is not putting on airs when she says, a�?I do not care who is doing what movie.a�? This impulsive 18-year-old also unabashedly admits to not reading scripts and choosing them based on her moods. Currently shooting in Rameshwaram for her movie, Komban, with actor Karthi, the actress is also excited about her other two releasesa��Jigarthanda with actor Siddarth and Sippai with Gautham Karthik. a�?In Jigarthanda, I play a girl whose mother sells idlis. But the most difficult role for me has been in Sippai, in which I play a college student who speaks pure Tamil. I had to sit and learn the pronunciation and meaning of every word. And it is too early to talk about Komban now,a�? she says.

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    As for choosing her scripts, she says, a�?I lack patience and I cannot hear the script entirely. Several directors would like to narrate the story themselves but I just dona��t hear them out completely, this is a well known fact in the industry. I zone out quite easily and it takes a lot to concentrate on what the other person is saying,a�? reveals the actress, who is known for her work with debutant directors, be it in Kutti Puli or Manjapai. Predictably, she is often not taken seriously. a�?I am treated like a kid all the time. People refuse to understand that I can make my own decisions,a�? she complains. But has she regretted her decisions at any point of time? a�? I am not the kind who will feel bad about rejecting a film. What is the point in sitting and feeling bad for something that is gone?a�? she retorts. How does she intend to get to the top?A� a�?I have no such aims. I prefer doing things without any expectations,a�? she says.

    Star gazing
    Menon has been following Tamil cinema from a young age. In fact, the actress gushes about being a huge Siddarth fan. a�?When Karthik Subburaj spoke to me about my character, as usual I was a little inattentive. Finally, I asked him who was playing the lead in the movie. He said, a�?Siddartha�� and I signed the papers the next minute. His movie, Boys, came out when I was in the third grade and I loved every bit of it. In the middle of a scene when I was sitting behind him on the bike, I told him a�?I am a big fana�� and he was like, a�?you make me feel all awkward now, sitting on the bikea��,a�? she says excitedly. As for balancing school and movies, she admits, a�?I do not do home work for movies or for school. I hate it. I am happy being an average student.a�?

    Jigarthanda is scheduled to release by the end of this month.

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