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    In airy chiffons and silks, Madsam TinZina��s a�?lovea�� collection comes to town

    Hip, young design label, MadSam TinZin, is all about love this season. Madhuritu Dutta, Saumya Sharma, Tina Bharadwaj and Stanzin Dazes are no strangers toA� fashionable Chennai; and the design quartet are presenting their latest, Aangan, at Collage. a�?Ita��s straight from Lakme Fashion Week, March 2015,a�? Dutta (30) enthuses. The self-professed dreamer and the a�?Mada�� in the label, and design partner Stanzin, the a�?Zina��, share their story. The four designers first met in fashion school (NIFT, 2005) in Mumbai. Dutta is from Kolkatta, Sharma a Delhiite, Bharadwaj a Himachali and Dazes from Ladakh. a�?Saumya (Sam) is the perfectionist amongst us; Tina (Tin) is the one who gets things done and Stanzin is our calming influence, our binder if you will (all 29),a�?smiles Dutta. The four bring their fabulous individual perspectives to their label. With a penchant for delicate hand embroidery, a love of pure, sensuous silks and flattering silhouettes, their labelA� (launched January, 2012) has graced runways, magazine covers and boasts of famous fans like Sonam Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha.PAGE17

    a�?Aangan is all about romancea�� the passing of the day through the eyes of a lover,a�? Dazes describes. a�?We use chiffons, georgettes and light-weight silks to justify the dreamy mood. The silhouettes range from long overalls to pleated, flared pants, organza waistcoats and draped skirts. Delicate hand embroidery lifts the collection and each motif adds dimension.a�? Given the diverse pieces, they promise something for everyone. a�?We love coming to Chennai,a�? all four concur. a�?Our clients here understand our intricate work.a�?

    At Collage from today. Rs 29,500 onwards. Details: 28291443. Dutta and Dazes are coming for the show

    A�Shibi Kumaramangalam


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