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    Jyoti Sachdev Iyera��s new line keeps it minimal and elegant.

    SILK muslin has often featured in designer Jyoti Sachdev Iyera��s creations, though only sparingly. But she has gone all out this time, with her recently-launched Spring/Summer collection, Emergence. a�?Silk muslins feel like butter, so soft and light. I thought I could play around with layers of this fabric. Though Ia��d used them in my past collections, I wanted to wait until I got my thought process just right, so that I could utilise them to their maximum potential,a�? she tells us.
    Easy and comfortable
    Most of the garments in the line are made from 20 metres of silk muslin, but youa��ll never be bogged down by the weight, she adds. Experimenting with cuts and textures, the pieces also make use of muls and Chanderis. The range comprises 20 styles spanning unusual floor-length anarkalis, jackets and lehengas (which go up to Rs 2 lakh).
    Simple and classic
    Heavy embellishments have never been her preference so, at the most, youa��ll find sequins, French knots and ikat embroidery in this range. a�?These embellishments are mostly tone on tone; they blend into the garment,a�? says the Bengaluru-based designer. The use of pastel shades (pink and green), off-white and beige take the elegance of these outfits a notch higher.A� a�?I have always designed for women who are bold, who dona��t follow trends blindly, and who think out-of-the-box,a�? she signs off.
    Rs 19,000A� to Rs 2 lakh.
    Details: perniaspopupshop.com
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