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    Dona��t let poor sleep get the better of you on your next long-haul flight, with our pick of on-board essentials.

    Taking a flight can be a leveller of sorts. Whether you are bumping elbows in the middle seat in economy or putting up your feet in a plush private cabin in business class, sleep can be an elusive friend to all. And of course, this gets worse on long-haul flights. So if you are packing for a holiday, we suggest you find room in your luggage for a few of these essentials, which we feel could help you catch some shut eye while up in the sky.

    Jewel bright
    If you are that lucky someone up in business class, why dona��t you get out of your designer togs and slip into this gorgeous emerald Queenie robe by London-based designer, Olivia von Halle. Cut from lustrous silk-satin in a classic kimono-style silhouettea��with blush, off-white and black florals offering a great contrasta��ita��s perfect to relax in. Rs 62,890. Details: net-a-porter.com

    Kama face mistThe best drop
    Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. We cana��t stress enough how bad the low humidity in aircraft cabins is for your skin. Invest in a good facial oila��a few drops will keep you hydrated for a long time. Like the La��Occitane Divine Youth Oil. Made with seven natural plant oilsa��of which Corsicaa��s immortelle flower, with its anti-ageing properties, is the stara��it hydrates and reduces fine lines. Whata��s not to love? Rs 7,187 (approx). Details: in.loccitane.com

    Have a good night
    If there is anyone out there who is advocating more sleep, it is Arianna Huffington, editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post. After fainting from lack of sleep, shea��s taken a fresh look at her life. The outcome is her new book, The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time, which takes you behind the science, spotlights how technology is a perpetrator, and gives tips to get better sleep. Rs 599. Available at Starmark. Details: 64550262

    Go fresh
    Dry, chalky skin is not a great start to a holiday. While drinking lots of water is recommended (the frequent trips to the bathroom are a plus a�� they will help your circulation), how about amping it up with an occasional spritz of a good facial mist. Kamaa��s Pure Lavender Water is made with fresh flowers picked in the Himalayas and then steam distilled. It promises to hydrate and give your skin an instant boost. Rs 725 (200 ml). Details: kamaayurveda.com

    Cosmetics pouchThe holdall
    Wea��ve asked you to bring quite a bit with you on-board. So keep it all tucked away tidily in this Tory Burch leaf appliquA� Trapeze cosmetics case. Made of a fine mesh with leather work, it is chic and its tropical print gives the perfect vacation vibe. Rs 11,652. Details: toryburch.com

    Goldfish teaDip, fish, dip
    While the unlimited glasses of wine are irresistible, they wona��t help you get any shut eye. Instead, we suggest you bring along your favourite box of tea bags (we love our chamomile). To add some quirk to the a�?dip, dip, dipa��, we suggest these handcrafted goldfish tea bags from Charmvilla. Created in a 16-step process by Taiwanese artistes, they come in flavours like Rose Petal Black and Champagne Oolong and, once immersed in hot water, look unnervingly real. Rs 1,331 per bag. Details: creativiteabags.com

    Lend support
    Those little neck pillows we see dangling off backpacks are quite comfortable, but we assure you they don’t have a patch on the Travelrest Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow. Ideal for long-haul flyers, this one offers support to the whole upper body. It ensures proper head and neck alignment, is great for people suffering from back pain, and can also be attached to your seat or seatbelt so it doesna��t shift. Rs 1,996.
    Details: amazon.in

    White noise 2Cut it out
    Who can sleep with all the pings, thuds and a�?excuse me, sirsa�?? Cut out the cabin noise with this White Noise app. It comes with a variety of looped soundsa��like blowing wind, crackling camp fires or lapping wavesa��and creates soothing soundscapes designed to help you fall asleep. You can also blend and mix sounds to create your own customised mix, or unlock additional tracks with its in-app purchase option. And lest you fear youa��ll sleep right through, the app comes with a smart alarm clock. Rs 133. Details: itunes.apple.com/in

    pashmina shawl 1Wrap up
    Cold feet (and we dona��t mean the nervous kind) and hands do not make good sleep companions. Ditch the itchy airline blankets and bring along a comfy shawl to wrap up in.A� We like this red kani hand-woven shawl crafted in Kashmir from pure pashmina. With multi-hued floral motifs, ita��s cheery and comfortable. Rs 2,43,750. Details: indianroots.in

    Dandelion sleep maskPower of pink
    When you are ready for a snooze, being a little anti-social is allowed. Put on an eye mask, turn on the White Noise app and settle back in your seat with the Travelrest pillow. This pink and blue floral-printed cotton eye mask from Dandeliona��made with knit lininga��will even help you look cute while tuning everyone out. Good night! Rs 450. Details: perniaspopupshop.com

    Compression socks SockwellPut a sock on it
    The last thing you want on holiday is a painful case of deep vein thrombosis. Stay safe by slipping on a pair of compression socks. Their graduated knitting ensures pressure that will boost blood circulation. While brands like Adidas (Rs 999, details: 43546763) and Reebok offer great options, Sockwella��s pair is made of fine merino wool and bamboo, offering breathability and durability, besides being antibacterial and blister-proof. Rs 1,663. Details: brightlifego.com

    Text: Surya Praphulla Kumar


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