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With the marriage of technology and social media, a lot is being achieved. Internet radios, video blogs, YouTube channels and the rage of podcasting have been vantage points in order to be noticed.Ai?? Itai??i??s great to be heard and have a channel of your own and podcasting allows you just that and more. I caught up with Kausambi Manjita, the founder of Storeo, a mobile-first podcast platform for scores of creators to find out more about this emergingly popular medium.

How similar are podcasting and radio?
Podcast are digital audio files that can be heard via a desktop, laptop or a mobile device (smartphone or i-Pad or tablets). Each podcast has its own audience, so what a listener listens to is tailored to fit the userai??i??s tastes. Instead of just turning on the radio and either loving or hating what they hear, podcast listeners usually find things they like and commit to them by subscribing.

Is it the future of edutainment?
Podcasting is a powerful form of storytelling.Ai??StorytellingAi??allows us to digest information more easily because it connects that information to emotions. So yes, podcastingAi??is important because it is good at teaching in a way that people can easily remember, and at helping people relate to one another.

What can we expect from Storeo Comprar tamoxifen online in the coming days?
Better and better content from our evergrowing community of creators which include bloggers, RJs, authors, doctors, professors, theater artists and more.Ai??On the shelf, there is handpicked content from around the world, and on topics as varied as the science behind all sports, political satire, gripping stories, music, technology, startups and everything in between. Not to forget, some phenomenal original pieces from our star creators, like Deepika Arvind, Ashwin Raghunath and Sumesh Goni to name just a few.

How does one get started?
All you need to start your podcast is either a phone with internet, or a computer with a microphone and an internet connection. Your first podcast can be online in less than a day. All you have to do is follow the simple tutorials or reach out to welisten@storeo.io
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