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    Trio Nyna Vales mixes pop and Carnatic tunes for its tour and album.

    THE trio Nyna Vales brings their mix of French pop and Carnatic music to the city, with their newly-launched album,  Rencontres Indiennes. Comprising  Nathalie Carudel (singer, keyboards), Yann Savel (composer, guitarist) and Guillaume Ozanne (drummer), the trio’s tour will have Chennai as the second leg (after Madurai), where they will officially launch their album. “As we fell in love with South India and its classical music, it was natural for us to mix our music with Carnatic,” says Savel, adding that their introduction to classical Indian music was with renowned singer Bombay Jayashri’s songs. “We brought a lot of CDs of hers and it was the beginning of our project,” he recalls. For the album, the band has collaborated with Carnatic musician Akkarai Subhalakshmi, flautist Bhaskaran Krishnamurthi and sarod and sitar player Kishore Kumar. “We’ve recorded two popular Indian songs by a girls’ choir that we have orchestrated to present them in a new light,” says the 44-year-old. Tomorrow, they will perform with Subhalakshmi and also distribute copies of their new album. “We’ve got 500 copies in our suitcases!” Savel exclaims. In the album, which has both old and new compositions, he picks out a new one, Chat ou souris (cat or mouse), as one of his favourites. “(The song) opens this album with the typical Carnatic violin and the sarod,” he says. The band also promises to throw in a surprise at the Chennai concert, but want to remain mum on the details.
    Tomorrow at the Edouard Michelin Auditorium, 7 pm. Details: eventjini.com

    —Simar Bhasin


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