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    Cafe de Luxe at Phoenix Market City invites you to stop for some calamari and a hot cuppa

    Let me start by saying that Cafe de Luxe is not just for movie goers who have arrived too early for the show. Located at the mezzanine level overlooking the Luxe multiplexa��s lobby, this cafe works whether you want to grab a quick snack or wish to tarry a while. In tune with Luxea��s concept, there are inviting couches, table top chandeliers and their signature omnipresent glow. An added bonus is the LUXME4seating near the semi-transparent projector cabins of screens 10 and 11, where you can sneak a glimpse of the screening.
    Therea��s plenty on offer for the thirsty mall-goer here a�� smoothies, lemonades, mocktails and a few hot and cold coffees. And while the menu mostly has finger food, they do offer a couple of nine-inch thin crust pizzas (farmhouse, chicken supreme and margherita) and sandwiches to fill up on. Scrolling through, we find a lot of offerings in chicken a�� in a quiche, on bruschetta, as pop corn and even in samosas. To make up for the lack of mutton, there is a decent selection of seafood a�� prawns, fish fingers and what turned out to be our favourite for the evening, the fried calamari. The batter fried rings of squid are coated with a bit of Kashmiri chilli, and even the fish fingers have been tweaked a�� the basa is marinated with thyme and ground pepper.

    If you are in the mood for ice cream, Eighteen Below is not your only option, for the cafe offers unusual flavours like rose & pepper, earl grey tea and even an olive oil scoop spiked with frozen bits of black olives. After all that snacking, we decide to wind things up with their dessert platter (options familiar to Ecstasy regulars). The blueberry cheesecake seems a tad too dense and the flak might appeal to a caramel lover, but the tiramisu a�� as always, thata��s what we want to take back home.

    Platters from Rs. 250 onw-ards. Details: 9840559837

    a�� Ryan Peppin


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