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    A personalised sales platform where merchants share great deals with shopaholics

    After tasting success in their debut start-up, Zovi.com, an e-commerce site into fashion apparel, founders Manish Chopra and Satish Mani are working towards diversifying the online to offline (O2O) market with the launch of their app a�� Little. a�?In the past couple of years, there has
    been a significant smartphone growth and we were excited with the opportunities it opened up. We wanted to create a
    platform for those thousands of merchants who didna��t have the resources to break into the mobile-commerce space and
    create location specific marketing,a�?
    Chopra says.
    The app aims to be both a discovery platform for lifestyle consumers, and a
    significant sales channel for merchants. a�?Ita��ll provide the supply of real-time hyper-local deals to customers across services like restaurants, movies, hotels, salons, gyms, spas and other services while creating a hassle-free, just in time platform for merchants to market their services,a�? explains Chopra.
    He wants merchants to see the app
    as their a�?sales partnera�� for enabling them
    to get profits from selling their services. Little will act as a personalised sales platform for merchants who can send timely notifications and offer relevant deals in a matter of seconds.
    With the close partnership with the payment platform Paytm, Little has already enrolled over 5,000 merchants in 11 cities across India, and has recorded more than 30,000 deals. Little is available on android, iOS and Windows.
    Details: checklittle.com
    a�� Nandini Kumar


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