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    International and Indian artistes take the stage at the Himalayan Blues Festival at Phoenix MarketcityA�

    ALLS, it appears, are the coolest venues these days for alternative sounds. At the Himalayan Blues Festival tomorrow, there are three outfits each, Indian and international. While the Indian line-up features crowd favourites like Blues Conscience, Incarcerated and Mike Williams, what has fans counting the days are names like Long Tall Deb and Colin John from the US, Mr No Money from Italy and French Cowboy and The One.

    Texas native Deb Landolt has been coming in for a lot of praise for her astonishing range. People who have heard her expressive and natural voice on Raise Your Hands or older albums will agree that the lady has solid songwriting skills as well. We got her and Colin John, after their show in Mumbai, to tell us about their blues journey and what they have lined-up for us:


    An emotion that most appeals to you when you sing.

    Landolt: The blues is born out of pure soul so when I perform, I channel 100 per cent pure emotion whether it be painful depression or overwhelming joy.
    John: A good deep feeling that causes the listener a�?chicken skin.a��

    What does Raise your Hands mean to you today?

    Landolt: The song and album were inspired by overcoming trials and tribulations and are a message to the listener to a�?break away and stop living on your kneesa��. Our songs, all true stories, seek to inspire hope.

    Is the blues becoming a whole new sound and how?

    Landolt: Having grown up in Texas singing blues and gospel music, it is incredibly satisfying to witness international audiences, including Chennai, embrace the blues.
    John: We combine different musical genres to create something new. I love mixing the Hawaiian steel guitar with the sliding delta blues. I am also interested in the Indian music of Ali Akbar Khan and Debashish Bhattacharya.

    What can we expect from the line-up?

    Landolt: Colin and I will do our show very stripped-down. I intend to get the crowd involved with a�?call and responsea�� like a musical question and answer. Chennai should be prepared to sing the blues with us!

    November 16, 3.30 pm onwards, at Phoenix Marketcity. Free entry.Details: 09841186951

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