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Israeli trio Ehud Ettun will play a�?rawa�� tunes from their new album

At 28, Ehud Ettun has earned a name for himself in the contemporary jazz scene of America, a�?as one of its most talented bassistsa�?. But the Israeli artiste isna��t too fond of this description. He tells us, a�?We tend to think of music sometimes as a ladder in which some people are better than others. For some people, this is probably true to an extent, but in the current global music scene, there are so many talented musicians who are bringing something new to the table, that Ia��m not sure if this comparison matters anymore. I try to experiment with the bass, and I have gradually developed my unique sound.a�?
An early introduction to piano, and guitar, as well as rock, pop, and classical music helped him figure out his true calling. a�?Looking back, ita��s interesting how all the dots connect in a complex journey that shaped the artiste I am,a�? says Ettun, who considers double bass performer Michael Klinghoffer as his mentor. Legendary artistes Ravi Shankar and Zakir Hussain have also influenced his musical sensibilities, he tells us, adding, a�?I hope to collaborate with Rudresh Mahanthappa (alto saxophonist) some day.a�?On Sunday, Ettun and his eponymous band, comprising pianist Daniel Schwarzwald, and drummer Nathan Blankett, will play at Indigo Live. They will perform riffs from their new album, Raw Gestures.
Ettun tells us about these new tunes. a�?It was recorded after our concert in Bulgaria last year. We had a few days to spare in Israel, and we decided to make an album. The idea was simply to record the mental state of our mind at that time. May be thata��s why the music is so intense, and a�?in the momenta�� when compared to my previous album Heading North, which was planned out well. It includes original music, as well as an arrangement we did to three pieces by Hungarian pianist Bela Bartok.a�?After the Indian gig, the band will head to South Korea and Russia. They also have an album to release by year-end. A worldwide project called Internal Compass, which uses music as a tool of social change, is also keeping them busy at the moment.Rs 300 (cover). May 1. At Kormangala. Details: 25535330
a�� Barkha Kumari


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