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Mumbaia��s Sohrab Nicholson presents a fine mix of jazz, pop and electronica

In little over a year, Mumbai-based singer-songwriter and keyboardist Sohrab Nicholson has carved a name for himself in Indiaa��s live electronica music scene. Since his debut at the NCPA Experimental Theatre in Mumbai, he has performed at prestigious music fests such as NH7, Magnetic Fields, Live from the Console and Londona��s Alchemy Festival. More recently, he got back from the UK where he showcased a�?alternative music from India.a�?
Tonight, Bengaluru will see Nicholson perform live at blueFROG, where he will be accompanied by drummer Rohan Ramanna and Stuart DaCosta on live looping and auxiliary synths. Ramanna produced his first EP, For What in 2013 from Cotton Press Studio.
The duo collaborates quite often in the studio, and Nicholson shares that a�?the natural progression was to take the studio collaboration to the live stagea�?. As for DaCostaa��s inclusion in the trio, he has performed with Nicholson on multiple occasions in the past. a�?Wea��ve performed several times here, at venues such as CounterCulture and The Humming Tree. But we have some new material lined up for this show,a�? reveals Nicholson about the gig, which will be a blend of jazz, pop and electronic music.
Explaining why his ensemble is different, he says, a�?We are using less traditional instruments in our set up. There are lots of synths and electronic elements that people tend to use in the studio, but lesser during live shows. Therea��s also a slightly different approach to songwriting.a�? Mainly inspired by people and personal experiences, he shares that photography is another source of inspiration. a�?Photographs give me a bit of visual stimuli when I am trying to write a song,a�? he says.
Though he started young, his formal education strengthened his skills when he went to study in Canada. a�?I went to Canada to study jazz piano at St Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia for four years. Thata��s how it all started; the rest just happened kind of organically,a�? he signs off.
Tickets (Rs.300) upwards on bookmyshow.com

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