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Director Prasad Ramar talks about his maiden Tamil film, remaking Lucia and the challenges of a complex script

Debutant director Prasad Ramar is confident about Enakkul Oruvan, a remake of director Pawan Kumara��s Kannada superhit, Lucia, even as there are talks of the fim being made in Hindi soon. Ramar is not new to the film world, as he has worked with Karthik Subbaraj on Pizza as a script writer. The movie will see Siddharth playing the lead alongside debutante Deepa Sanidhi and is about a man who sees himself as a�?somebody elsea�� in his dreams. More from the director:

The entire crew was inspired by the story of Lucia. The story has several twists and turns and the human emotion is so complex. The cast and crew knew what had to be done and had one vision.
I wanted to work on a readymade story. But rest assured, my next film will be an original script written by me. The idea of a Tamil remake came from the music director Santosh Narayanan who is also composing music for the Tamil version. He had created the background score for Lucia and told us that the movie is very interesting.
I relate to drama the most a�� the ones that deal with relationships. For example, the movie Blue Is the Warmest Colour is a simple romantic film and explores the human element.
The most challenging aspect about the movie was to come up with a simpler script. Lucia is a very complex film with intense emotions. I wanted the Tamil version to focus more on the emotional complexity.
Enakkul Oruvan has nothing to do with the 1984 Kamal Hasaan film. We were looking for options. We first thought of the Kannada name. Lucia, which means lucid dreaming but that wouldna��t connect with people. Then we thought of Enakkul Oruvan which also reflects the story of the film.
It was my childhood dream to become a director. My earliest movie memories are M G Ramachandrana��s films and the more I watched them, I knew I wanted to be a visual story teller.
I watched my first Kannada movie last year. But I watch movies from all languages, be it Turkish or Russian. The last one I watched was The Path to 9/11 by Cyrus Nowrasteh.

The movie is scheduled to releaseA� later this year.

a�� Mrinalini Sundar