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Sarah Michelle Gellar (on the extreme left in the picture) from The Crazy Ones on working with Robin Williams

With The Crazy Ones bringing Robin Williams to our television screen after more than three decades, expectations are riding high. Though the series on Star World (premiered in September) has been criticised for the odd tone and lengthy screenplay, the producers are still making an effort to spice things up by adding more characters like Glen (Ed Asner).

Lately, we came to know that the sitcom will have a guest appearance by Victoriaa��s Secret model Adriana Lima. For the uninitiated, the series, penned by David E Kelley of Boston Legal fame, is about Simon (Williams), an advertising genius who heads his own firm but seems to have lost his way. Daughter Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is basically trying to save the firm that shea��s going to take over. Gellar talks about her preparation and working with Robin Williams

Small screen requirements?
Luckily, Ia��ve spent my entire life preparing. I watch a lot of TV and read a lot of magazines! Not to mention I got my start doing commercials, so Ia��ve had some first-hand experience.

You mentioned somewhere, a�?comedy was something I was always interested in.a�? Landing this role as Robin Williamsa�� ad exec daughter must be a dream come true?
This entire job is a dream job. I feel very lucky to wake up and do this job every day.

Experience of working on the show?
Ia��ve been in this business a long time, but Ia��ve never had as much fun as Ia��m having now. I work with a legend (Robin Williams) every day.

How do you define your character?
Sydney believes herself to be the pragmatic, sensible one and is constantly searching for her a�?crazya�� within.
You had to stand on a table in a hotel and sing to convince Kelly Clarkson, for her to come on board.

Are you a great singer?
Nobody I know would call me that! I closed my eyes and leaped.

The Crazy Ones airs weekdays on Star World at 10 pm

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