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    Travel East with Good Eartha��s festive collection that explores fantasy and the fine art.

    S hambhala, the mythical and spiritual land beyond the Himalayas, has been a constant source of inspiration. Now Good Earth is looking East, too, with its latest festive collection that takes you on a magical trip, with motifs and colours inspired by the kingdom. a�?Shambala is a mythical paradise for the pure of heart that exists on a parallel dimension. It is characterised by green hills, low mountains, shallow lakes, graceful wild geese andA� ethereal clouds. This is the leitmotif of our collection, for which we have travelled eastwards to China, to the starting point of the Silk Route,a�? begins Delhi-based Anita Lal, founder ofA� Good Earth.

    Feeling blue
    Find tableware and bed linen with Indochine designs. a�?The designs are carried across our entire rangea��like the imaginary landscape featuring elephants with ritual umbrellas, travelling majestically under mystical clouds and a golden crescent moon. Our Shangrila (another name for Shambala) bed story celebrates a garden of peonies and golden pheasants,a�? shares the 67-year-old entrepreneur. Also find cushions in silks and velvets that have motifs inspired by Xanadu and the Jade temple. A range of hand-painted jars, as well as blue and white platters and bowls, are other highlights. a�?The theme colours are blue and white, with shades of jade, cinnabar and lacquer red. We have also revived the use of pure gold leaf detailing in papier mache, plus all our tableware uses 24 carat gold and platinum,a�? adds Lal.

    Behind the scenes
    Mumbai-based Pavitra Rajaram and Asha Madan are the two key designers behind the collection, we learn, and they travelled extensively across China for a year to createit. Picking her favourite piece, Lal says, a�?I absolutely love the hand-painted blue and white porcelain. It is of a quality similar to old Ming pottery. They were, in fact, handmade in Chinaa��in the sameA� region where the famed Ming pottery was created. It can be used to decorate any room and also be used as dinner service bowls and platters.a�? Citing wallpapers and muted tones as the current trend in home dA�cor, she explains that through Good Eartha��s design stories they are trying to celebrate the heritage of both the Indian subcontinent and Asia. Lal concludes by revealing that Shambala will be further explored in more products (especially fashion) that will be launched next spring.

    Rs 1,100 onwards. At Good Earth, Nungambakkam. Details: 43087878

    a�� Saloni Sinha


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