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Glocal Junction is the new one to join the block of restaurants that are offbeat in the city

_VIN9908THEREa��S a lot happening in the food world and you get surprised when you enter a restaurant and you wonder if the construction work is over yet. Well, this is the new thing happening. The newly opened restaurant Glocal Junction, at Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad has precisely that look.
The moment you enter the restaurant you feel the paint work is yet to be done, floors yet to be scrubbed and tables yet to get the sparkling marble tops. But observe closely and you find swarms of young people enjoying their cocktails and trays of pasta without bothering much about the surroundings.
You then see bunches of wires hanging from the ceiling and inverter-like boxes blinking with red and green lights. Explains Sanjay Vazirani, CMD of Foodlink Restaurants, a�?We have given it the industrial look. Ita��s the new thing as people are tired of dining in embellished restaurants. They want to experience something new and quite off-beat.a�?

As you wonder about the ambiance food is served to you in canteen style meal-trays. Starters too were served in the same style. There was an array of mutton, chicken, fish and shrimp grills served with grilled bhutta. The taste was good, but the mutton could have been marinated long er to make it softer. We tasted Bombay Tawa Pulao. Served on the meal-tray much like canteen of some government office the pulao looked appealing but had overdose of red chilli powder which made us grab the bowl of whipped yogurt. What we liked was cheesecake wrapped in betel leaf. The young betel shoots were coated with chocolate from inside and filled with cheese. Other items on the platter were Coorgi Murgi Dry Fry, Chaat Pizza, Biryani Risotto with Khakra Chura, Tuna Salad with Hajmola etc. The desserts are a delicious array of Masala Chai Panacotta, Firni Creme Brulee and even Beeramisu (Tiramisu mixed with beer). Prices are regular. For example per head ita��s approx `700++ taxes. Time: 11 am-1 am. Details: 65308999

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Spoons, knives and forks are shaped like wrenches and other small industrial tools. The tumblers in which drinks are served are shaped like some industrial-liquid-storage-container in which instead of straws, plastic tubes are used. Another interesting thing we noted was ice-cubes in quirky shape of a skull. The cocktails on the menu are of exotic fruits with Indian flavours. The bar also has different menus for noon and evening. The day menu boasts of interactive cocktails whereas in the evening therea��s quick serve menu such as Glocal Long Island Tea, Toxic Box. But it might be a bit too much for your appetite when you have to wipe your mouth with tissue paper shaped liked a toilet roll!
a�� Saima Afreen


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