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The Unseen gives you a peek into prison life

0105CultureAnchor1A darkly humorous play by American playwright and Emmy-nominated television writer Craig Wright, The Unseen, at first glance is about two prisoners held for 11 years for unknown crimes and the friendship they form to keep each other’s minds and spirits alive. “They are tortured on a regular basis, led by a guard with whom they have a strange relationship that might be called friendship,” explains director Kanchan Bhattacharya, adding that it takes off when an enigmatic inmate  arrives in the cell between the two and starts communicating in code. “It’s an exploration of the mind, hope, faith and relationships,” shares the debutant director.
“Roy Sinai and Salmin Sheriff play the two prisoners and Anshul Pathak plays the role of the prison guard,” he tells us, adding, “I auditioned a number of actors before I settled on this combination. But Anshul was the only one I wanted for the role of the guard.”  But what he did find hard was the set. “I agonised for days about my set design. Also, the soundscape is quite an integral part. It is like another character,” Bhattacharya reveals.
Saying that he hasn’t improvised Wright’s work because ‘it is universal in its concept’, Bhattacharya shares, “I am just trying to tell a story which weaves philosophy and entertainment. Some might walk away hopeful, some might be entertained, some might be revolted. I just want to make sure the story is told right.”
Look out for brilliant dialogue and characters that shift wonderfully between quirky and hopeful, and dark and despairing. Also, some stellar lighting design by talented Pritham Kumar, we hear. “Come to watch great actors playing out a fascinating story against a backdrop of beautiful lighting. Laugh or cry, you will be entertained,” he signs off.
May 1-3 at Jagriti, Varthur Road.
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— Aakanksha Devi


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