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Put Chutneyai??i??s Raj Mohan takes part in the Jallikattu debate with new video

AS the state debates over the right and wrong about the age-old practice of Jallikattu, YouTube Channel Put Chutneyai??i??s video Jallikattum Kelikottum puts the onus on the common man to take an informed side. Their satirical take on the double standards of armchair activists and the cavalier attitude of a misguided public has humour backing up a rather strong message. ai???It is sad to see that the judgement has only been reserved for Jallikattu. Shouldnai??i??t all acts of ai???animal crueltyai??i?? be judged by the same yard stick?ai??? asks writer of the sketch, Raj Mohan, citing a portion in the video that deals with forcing exotic pets to live in incompatible weather.
The video has a play, Jallikattum Kelikottum within it, with the main roles being the mythical characters Karna and Krishna. Over the course of the eight-minute video, Karna calls out the hypocrisy in not enforcing the SC verdict in the Cauvery issue and zealots who let go of incidents where elephants are bound by chains in temples. ai???Karna is someone who would give up his life, but will never compromise on his cultural identity while Krishna personifies the flip-side of this debate,ai??? says the 29-year-old on his choice of characters.
ai???Unless the public is truthfully informed about the sport, the privileged lot will only fight for the rights of their cricket clubs,ai??? he says. Put Chutney, which is part of the group Culture Machine, looks to shape the social ecosystem that thrives on the internet with other such videos.

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