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What is going on in Namma Bengaluru? This a�?oorua�� is out of control! Everybody and their uncles are throwing a party. I swear folks, one of these days Ia��m going to be attending a launch party for the opening of a brown paper bag! Recession you say? Ha! Just ask the guys who are throwing fistfuls of green backs around with abandon. People keep inviting you to intimate soirA�es (bursting with people and their wailing brats), and ita��s become stressful to attend.

One such a�?intimatea�� soirA�e was the launch and reading of newbie author Sarika Giriaa��s book, a�?Memories are forevera��. The ballroom at the

Wanitha Ashok & Sarika Giria

Wanitha Ashok & Sarika Giria

ITC Windsor Manor was packed with her family and well wishers (and yes tiny tots too). Her very supportive husband made sure everybody was comfortably seated. I was terribly distracted with his neck to knee twinkling diamond kurta buttons, but I still marveled at the turn out and the a�?heavy-weighta�� literary types that dotted the event. Renowned author Anita Nair released the book and theatre stalwart Munira Sen read some excerpts. The book outlined the emotional journey of a mother in the form of a letter to her child, which invoked many a misty eye at the reading.

Good looking pilot Praveen Chandra invited us to the opening of his wife, Sarayua��s boutique a�?The Bombay Attica�� at the Hat Works Boulevard. The store was packed with attractive women, browsing through the clothes and jewelry collection, and at the rate that the cash register was clanging, Ia��m sure that this preview was a resounding success. The men who accompanied the women (including mine) busied themselves nibbling cheese and drinking wine. Well, emancipated and economically independent women dona��t need any male support to spend their money now do they?

The Bangalore Wine Club had one of their super exclusive bashes at Calypso, on Valentines Day. Once again, it was a fun affair with Dr Chandy lending his voice to the band, and it was wonderful to see all the a�?long standing romanticsa�� bogey and tear up the dance floor. Viva to truly intimate soirA�es!

The Community Services, Bangalore, held a supper theatre evening in aid of their charities at the Chancery Pavilion. All the hard working ladies headed by their charming President, Nandini Nagarkatti, bustled about making sure everything was in order. Way to go ladies, ita��s only the committed that make a difference.

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