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AS India hoists the tricolour for the 70th time since 1947, three stand up comedians in Hyderabad have decided to kick up some dust over a night of comedy on the eve of Independence. The show titled FreeDumb by Funny Side Up in association with the GP Birla Centre features three comedians from the city a�� Saikiran, Rajasekhar Mamidanna and Rohit Swain.
Here is what you can expect from these three musketeers at their upcoming show. 

He began his journey on the stage after winning an open mic contest in 2014. Renowned comedian Praveen Kumar is his inspiration, this funny man will speak about his observations on the city. a�?I will be talking about all the things Hyderabadis hate – from traffic, pollution to public sanitation – and also some anecdotes from my personal life too,a�? says Saikiran.

Rohit Swain
Awarded as NDTV Rising Star, Rohit began was always associated with being on the stage since his college days. After being slammed several times in front of a huge 874 people in an event, Rohit almost left comedy. a�?But life had different plans hence I gave another shot at comedy. Never been booed since then. Ita�?s fantastic to bomb, keeps you at your feet,a�? says Rohit. Speaking about his performance at the event, he says, a�?I will be talking about how my mom is lovely and weird at the same time, the time my dad caught me watching a movie, struggles of a stammering kid and yeah about Salman Khan.

Rajasekhar Mamidanna
Called as a�?Comedy ka anna,a�� Raja, as he is commonly referred as, is not new to Hyderabadis. Taking inspiration from Jim Carrey and Nitin Gupta aka Rivaldo, Raja does stand up comedy as he loves a happy environment. He feels he is blessed that his work and passion match.
Speaking about his upcoming performance, the comedian who began his journey in 2012, says, a�?I will be talking about the illusion of freedom in present times. And a few jokes about pre independence era.a�?

a�� Nishad Neelambaran


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