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    With plum projects in his kitty, Prasad Sutar talks about the future of VFX in Bollywood

    One could say that Prasad Sutar is busy making history. a�?I wanted to be a part of history and I was told that one of the ways I could do this was to have my name in the opening credits of movies,a�? says the VFX supervisor for Anurag Basua��s upcoming Jagga Jasoos. In the news for having bagged the award for Best Visual Effect for his recent movie Bajirao Mastani at the Asian Film Awards, held in China, the 43-year-old whose favourite movie is Terminator 2, still thinks there are greater heights to scale. His first movie as a part of a VFX team was Aamir Khana��s Gulam (1998) and with the forthcoming Dangal he teams up with the PK star again.
    a�?Anurag (Basu) and I have been friends for the last twelve years,a�? says Sutar. While discussions were underway with Basu since October 2014, the shooting for Jagga Jasoos (starring Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif) began only last year, mostly in Mumbai and Cape Town, with the next stop being Morocco. a�?The movie has almost 18 songs, which was a huge challenge,a�? admits Sutar, co-founder of visual effects studio, NY Vfxwaala, a division of Ajay Devgn Fflims.
    On being compared to Hollywood, Sutar says, a�?only our scripts are not as demanding. If a movie like Bajirao Mastani comes along, it gives us a chance to explore our scope.a�? Adding that VFX is vital to the directora��s creative aspects and the producera��s cost-saving factors, he quips, a�?Can you actually imagine creating those massive sets in Baahubali for real?a�?

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