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    Today, not one but three radio presenters will find themselves on the big screen. Idhu Enna MayamA� is hitting theatres and has Big FM Balaji, Mirchi Ajai and Hello FM Balaji acting together for the very first time. While both Balajis have films under their belts, this is Ajai Titusa�� first taste of mainstream cinema. I caught up with Big FM Balaji and Titus to find out more.

    How do you juggle radio, movies and family?
    Balaji: It was difficult to manage all the shoots, along with radio. But with so much love and support around me, it was achievable. Ia��m lucky I had a film team who understood my schedule and made adjustments. I want to thank Big FM 92.7 and my a�?awesomatica�� family.

    How was your first encounter with films?
    Titus: It was awesome. Ita��s hard work, and as a beginner, it was my learning playground. The transition from an audio medium to a visual one was a big challenge. On radio, the voice does all the acting, but to face the camera and bring out the right expressions was not easy. On radio, you are pretty much your own boss during show time. However, ita��s the opposite in films.

    How was it acting with other radio presenters?
    Titus: Having RJs from other stations as co-stars was the most exciting thing. It was a riot on the set, with the three of us hanging outa��almost like a crazy laughathon. There was camaraderie and a respect for each othera��s talent. Now wea��ve all become good friends and respect each other in a whole new way.

    And Balaji, how was your experience with your tribe?
    Tonnes of fun! Over the days we kind of emotionally connected with each other. Now they have became a part of my life.
    Catch the feel-good Idhu Enna Mayam and root for your favorite presenter. See you next week.

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