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    An awards night always gets the butterflies flapping, for any radio professional or station that wants the gold. The number of radio stations that are broadcasting todaya��and leta��s not forget the ones that are yet to arrivea��collectively sum up to a massive total. A country like India needs awards nights that are region centric, fair and transparent. That will help in spotting the right talent and encouraging newer programming initiatives.
    This year, India Radio Forum Awards took place a few days ago in Gurgaon. The ceremony boasted over 40 categories and had entries from all over the country. I logged on to the foruma��s web page to find out who the members of the jury were, but there was no sign of any aliens in Area 51!
    However, there was this line: a�?The extensive panel of judges will be multi-disciplined calling on radio, advertising, television and creative professionals. This will ensure impartiality, access to expert opinion and broad-based judging. Register now and join us as a judge.a�? Ita��s like a tele-brand advertisement that is hawking for judges. Just saying. Ia��m sure there is some logic to their plan, else they wouldna��t be around for the years theya��ve been.
    Imagine now if the Academy Awards were sponsored by Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Claire Daines, Ben Kingsley, Scorcese and the likes. Ita��s a sure-shot then that if their films get nominated, they would walk away with a few gold ones. That, however, will never happen and thata��s why ita��s such a prestigious gig that everyone wants to be a part of.
    Cut to radio awards and we have quite a few radio stations being presented as sponsors. I know that means absolutely nothing and has no connection to anyone winning, but honestly, as a listener, it feels like it is a house of wax. On a winning note, congratulations to the stations that had a lot of gold-plated brass to carry home and to the individuals who have brought themselves and their station a sense of pride. See you next week.


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