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    Filmmaker Venaktesh Kumar talks trends and celebrates one year of his short films platform, IndoRussian Cinemas.

    INDORUSSIAN Cinemas, a club started by filmmaker Venaktesh Kumar G, celebrates its first anniversary today, by showcasing four short films: Oli Perukki (by Vignesh Pavithran), Smoke Out (by Nishanth Babloo), Enge Enadhu Kavidhai (by P Bharathraj) and Authuyindrel (by Praveen Pillai). With Mikhail J Gorbatova��director of Russian Centre of Science and Culturea��in attendance, he will also distribute certificates to all the directors whose short films were screened there in the last year. Kumar, who made his feature film debut early this month, with Unakkul Naan, hopes to screen Russian short films, too, next year. But before the big event, the man who watches over 20 shorts in a month tell us what is trending now.

    1. Instead of cliched subjects like love and revenge, today filmmakers are more open to tackling daring subjects that none or very few touch. They understand the process of filmmaking well, not making it necessary for them to work as an assistant to bigwigs for six or seven years like before.

    2. Cinematographers understand that high-end RED scarlet cameras are not necessary to make quality films. They have become experimental in their approach. Kumara��s mentor, ace film director Balu Mahendra, shot all his short films using 5D cameras.

    3.Distribution of short films has taken a new dimension, with indie websites like Netflix and Vimeo promoting shorts for free

    Today, at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture (Alwarpet), from 6 pm. Free entry. Details: 24990050

    a��Lalitha Ranjani


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