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    Age-old recipes featureA� on the new menu atA� The Residency Towers.

    In yet another instance of hotels going back to our culinary roots, Southern Aromas at The Residency Towers has revamped their menu. a�?Seventy five per cent of the dishes in this new menu are from Tamil Nadu,a�? states Deena Dhayalan, executive sous chef, who specialises in South Indian cuisine. a�?We have tried to replicate recipes that were found in the kitchens of zamindars of the 50s and 60s, like Perurathamaa��s erachi curry, a tender lamb cooked with poppy seeds and handground spices. Not many know about this and we aim to bring back similar dishes,a�? he adds.
    Why a revamp now? a�?Ita��s been two years since we updated the menu, and we felt it was high time. It took close to four months to finalise the 98 dishes. Apart from staples like dosas and idlis, there are no common dishes between the old and new menus,a�? says the 30-year-old, who also hosts, Ajaraipetti, a popular cookery show on Zee Tamil. As for the dishes to try, he suggests the healthy murungai kambu charu (millet extract with drumstick pulp), the neikarapatti vazhakkai vadai (lentil with raw banana) and idicha malli milagu vanjeram varuval (seer fish with pepper).
    Meal for two from Rs 1,500 onwards. Details: 28156363

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