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    Radio in India is sometimes so unidirectional that if you put it on a straight trajectory to Mars, it would reach faster than the real space probe our country has launched. The World Cup is firing on all cylinders, leaving a lot of us with sleepless nights. Therea��s a buzz onA� social mediaa��be it comments, suggestions or predictions for the next game. TV ratings have hit the roof, not to forget the scores of our countrymen who have made the trip to Samba land just to get a glimpse of the worlda��s best football players. And if a company from India can supply thousands of contraceptives to Brazil during this sporting carnival, then why cana��t the medium of radio climax a wee bit with at least a few games!

    My point is that there isna��t much happening on-air when it comes to football as against cricket. We dona��t see ourselves playing a football World Cup anytime soon. And one of the contributing reasons is that there has never been any interest built up for the masses. Post the cricket win in 1983, no sport has received so much following as the game of cricket has. However, unless a market is created, how can the interest be built?

    Radio cannot end its content duties with just film music, audio launches and the like. It has to step up on many levels if it needs to be on par with some of the fantastic stations that operate around the globe. The medium has to stick with the present and, most importantly, understand what the listener really wants. There are a lot of myths that need to be busted in order to restore normal life on the frequency. One of the common myths Ia��ve heard is, a�?It wona��t sell.a�? This myth sets the medium back 20 years when we really need to be in 2014. Another one is, a�?It wona��t work.a�? This one is the clincher that has made this medium unidirectional.
    So to those who believe in the above myths try, a�?It will work or it will sell.a�? See you next week.

    Niladri (talkingradio@gmail.com)

    The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.



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