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    Play cricket or walk through landmines in total darkness, at the Exhibition Tour by Dialogue in the Dark

    Do you think you can handle a game of cricket in complete darkness? Find out at the upcoming Exhibition Tour by Dialogue in the Dark (DITD), an organisation that tries to help people understand how the visually challenged go about their daily life. Started in Hyderabad in 2011, DITD is expected to come to Chennai for the first time during the second week of December. And in a quick chat with co-founder Sudha Krishnan, we learn that the exhibition will feature various exercises in which participants will make full use of all their senses, save for their sight. The international organisation (present in over 30 countries) aims to sensitise people on the abilities of the visually impaired. a�?Ita��s the journey from sympathy to empathy,a�? Krishnan says. Over the last four years, 1.5 lakh visitors have taken part in the Exhibition Tours set up in Hyderabad and Bangalore and it will be taken to Pune and Mumbai after Chennai.
    eye-4The concept targets people across all ages and provides employment opportunities for the visually challenged, as tour guides. Coming up in Express Avenue, the exhibition consists of a series of scenarios in dark rooms. Visitors, in groups of six, are given a quick briefing and equipped with canes before they embark on their journey through darkness. They spend 30 to 45 minutes exploring galleries a�� like a public park, a cafA�, a game of cricket and a field of landmines. In the cafe scenario, visitors will get to have a conversation with their guides while sipping on a cup of coffee in darkness. This is also the scenario where you understand what ita��s like to handle real money. Sadly, we will have to wait for their Taste of Darkness scenario (popular in Hyderabad and Bangalore), where participants get to enjoy a four course meal in the dark, while being served by visually challenged waiters. a�?We might be bringing this scenario to Chennai as a one-time event in the future,a�? Krishnan concludes. Details: 040 64603342

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