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The top five tracks that are leading the charts this week

Shake it off
Taylor Swift moves away from her signature country pop sound in this track that is more uptempo pop, accompanied with saxophone. A fun number that urges you to a�?shake offa�� negativity and criticism, the song is currently at the number one spot.

Stay With Me
Replaced by Swift, Stay With Me by Sam Smith moves a spot down to number two on the charts. A slow, soulful ballad thick with emotion, the singer asks his one night stand to stay, though ita��s clear ita��s not love. A gospel choir adds to the appeal of the relaxing track, perfect after a long day at work.

This is how we do
If the music doesna��t make you smile, the video surely will, as Katy Perry delivers yet again with a fun, quirky and cheerful track. Marked by hedonistic appeal, the song is mainly a dance number on the lines of Perrya��s popular Last Friday Night.

All About The Bass
A blend of country, pop and rock and roll, this track, criticised for its a�?skinny-shaminga�� lyrics, is quite a popular number nevertheless. By Meghan Trainor, the track has been appreciated for its unique sound, a refreshing change from EDM.

The first single from Irish pop rockers, The Scripta��s new album, No Sound Without Silence, Superheroes opens with a soft piano riff that slowly builds up to a burst of melody, with frontman Danny Oa��Donaghue balancing it off with a calmer verse. The track is uplifting, catchy and an ideal sing-a-long number.
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a��Rashmi Rajagopal


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