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A theatre workshop that focuses on discovering the self

CultureSideAGAINST the backdrop of a war torn, materialistic world, Alok Ulfat of Recyclewala Labs seeks to instill in young aspiring artistes the value of self exploration and spirituality through his series of theatre workshops. Inside Out, the first in the series which includes a�?Hold The Momenta�� and a�?From Sole to Soloa��, comes to Bangalore this weekend and sees Ulfat training participants through intuitive movement, voice, speech, improvisation and presentation. a�?In todaya��s world, we need responsible artistes. Art has the power to spark a change and we aim to create artistes who can make that happen,a�? shares Ulfat, who produced the 2013 drama Ship of Theseus.

Apart from responsibility, the other values the workshop lays stress on is freedom, aesthetics and individuality. a�?Ita��s so important to be yourself and not conform to what you are taught to be like. My workshops are a non-violent protest against the school and college system in the country, because they educate the left side of the brain and ignore the right, which is equally important,a�? he points out.

Getting serious

Ulfat employs stillness, silence, motion, balance, painting and storytelling to train
his students and encourage them to look within themselves to get an understanding of who and what they really are. He also has meditative sessions, with a technique called anikal kriya, which involves a deep sleep.
a�?This is not recommended for people who are too young. Ita��s a bit hardcore. Apart
from the exercises, we also share our livea��s stories, and therea��s some bonding over lunch. For us, it is people before profit,a�? he signs off.

For ages 18 upwards. At Rangoli Metro Art Centre. `5,000 on bookmyshow.com