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    There is a lot more to radio than just radio presenters. The station sounds complete only when all the elements come together in a unique way, thereby providing the perfect imagery for its listenersa��who root for popular musica��and advertisersa��who root for their respective products. When both arena��t achieved by a radio unit, that station will automatically be hard on anyonea��s ears.

    The standard of radio advertising is at an all-time low. I know that the world turns the volume down when there is an ad break, but that said, there is no need to dump garbage on to it. The late 90s, and towards the beginning of this century, was the time when radio spot production was peaking in terms of quality. Advertising agencies would take up the responsibility of producing the same and, looking back, the quality was far superior to what we hear today.

    I know ita��s a monumental task, and a tough one at that, but try listening to an ad break and you will know what Ia��m talking about. Firstly, the diction is pathetic. Secondly, the method of scripting an ad is to always start the radio spot with a problem and then go on to solving it with the product punch line. Thirdly, the voices used are not professional. All these amateurish methods give birth to a radio ad that is not only terribly conceived, but very hard for listener consumption.

    Today, advertising breaks are a spot for comic relief. Honestly, if you are feeling down, then forget about the musica��the ad break will leave you in splits. Even a five-year-old would come up with better creatives. So if you have a product that you want to showcase on the medium, my sincere advice would be to produce the same yourself as no one can fullfil your vision. The sense in the sound only appears when there is a method applied to it at the time of creation.

    See you next week with more from the worldof radio.

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