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    PRODUCED by actress Bhairavi Raichura (known for her roles in Hum Paanch and Sasural Genda Phool) and directed by Nandita Mehra, Laut Aao Trishaa��s first episode aired on July 21 and made an impact instantly. Based on the Spanish show Donde Esta Elisa, the plot revolves around an 18-year-old girl, Trisha Swaika (played by Nalini Negi) who goes missing from a beach party and the resulting search leads to the revelation of dirty truths about her family.

    All in the family
    a�?It talks about how a family that looks picture perfect is not always as it seems; it actually throws up suspicions as horrifying as the mother being a prime suspect,a�? says Raichura, explaining that the show has retained the main plot-line of the Spanish version but has worked on improving the emotional aspect to suit Indian audiences. While gaining popularity for throwing light on certain television taboo topics, the show might make you uncomfortable at times. And will certainly make you a thinking audience. a�?With the show, we have tried to experiment with the crime genre and explore the concept of families and relationships,a�? she explains.

    Uncharted territory
    Talking about the mothera��s character played by Bhagyashree Patwardhan, Raichura explains that Patwardhan fit the role perfectly with her innocent expressions being an added bonus to play the role of a vulnerable mother in search of her missing daughter. While there has been lots of hype about the show portraying controversial topics, Raichura clarifies, a�?It does touch upon bold and controversial topics that happen in society which people are afraid to talk about,a�? adding, a�?that said, we have made a conscious effort not to cross the line in showing these delicate issues. It is not insensitive.a�?

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