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    Therea��s always room for love, especially on the World Wide Web. We bring you two matchmaking and dating apps that you might want to check out this weekend.
    IncLov: Herea��s an app with a a�?no discriminationa�� policy. Launched by Kalyani Khona and Shankar Srinivasan on January 21, the matchmaking app, IncLov, is designed for the differently-abled, or those suffering from health disorders. But the Android appa�� which has had more than 1,000 registrations since its launcha��has also seen signups from divorcees, widows and those who are fit as a fiddle. It connects people on the basis of location, disability type, lifestyle choices, etc. To make the platform a�?inclusivea�?, it has been integrated with screen reader and talkback (for visually-impaired members), among others features. In the future, they will add a video call feature for people with speech disability, says 23-year-old Khona. She is also assisting the government with its a�?Accessible Indiaa�� campaign. Details: inclov.com

    MateriaLove: Ita��s not the sort of name you expect a dating app to have. But founder Prateek Bhardwaj says hea��s trying to boost dating and e-commerce organically. The 24-year-old app developer explains, a�?When Ia��d signed up on Tinder, I realised people would chat with their a�?matchesa�� online, but seldom met in person. This is what MateriaLove is working ata��to encourage people to meet or go out on dates, by partnering with other geolocation apps.a�? You can download it from Play Store, and log in with your Facebook account. You will find recommended matches (called connects) and the drill is Tinder-like: swipe right or left. Once two people like each other, they can start chatting. And if they wish to go out on a date, they can book a cab, then a restaurant or a movie outing. They can also order gifts. Details: materialove.co

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