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    From crazy Indian brides to making love to pizza, herea��s our pick of trending videos

    Attack of Bridezilla

    Every Indian Bride in the World is catching many eyeballs because of its humorous take on brides around us! This video, by Being Human, is about a girl who is on the heavier side. She is to be married shortly and is trying her best to lose weight. Dodging chips and samosas, you see her struggling with her daily five-minute workouts to fit into her a�?dream lehengaa��. From training her photographer to take fake candid picture to giving her friends instructions for the a�?surprisea�� bachelorette party and crying often because she believes it will help her shed the pounds, this one, with over 4 lakh views, will have you in splits.

    RadioAnchor2Batman was here
    As we all know, kids love leaving their mark on walls and cupboards with pens, pencils, crayons and anything under the sun. Just this time, Laura Hopkinssa�� kid decided to leave his mark on the mirror. Continuing to deny his actions, the highlight of this 14-second video, titled Batman Did It, is his naive yet clever idea of shifting the blame on Batman. With more than a lakh views, this baby dressed in a white Real Madrid home jersey with slicked back hair and black Harry Potter spectacles is melting hearts across the globe!


    RadioAnchor3Cheesy affair
    If you have lost all hope in finding true love, the video Pizza Girl on the Kiss Cam will surely restore your faith. During the Atlanta Hawks vs Celtics playoffs, the KissCam shot a footage of a couple lip locking but what caught everyonesa�� attention is the girl seated behind them. The blonde seemed totally in love with her two enormous slices of pizza. Having clocked close to 200,000 views, all your attention is diverted from the couple to this pizza lover who is seen taking a huge bite out of one slice before taking another bite from the other.



    a�� Anushka Bohra


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