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    Russell Crowe on his action-comedy, the bond he shares with Ryan Gosling, and more

    WHILE the rumour mills are busy linking Aussie actor Russell Crowe with his long-time friend and naturalist, Terri Irwin, the Oscar-winner has his hands full promoting his latest film, Shane Blacka��s The Nice Guys (set to release on June 3). The Gladiator star recently revealed that he had scaled back stunts for the comedy-action film, considering the injuries hea��s sustaineda��including two surgeries in his shoulder and a disintegrated hipa��on film sets in the past. Crowe and co-star Ryan Gosling share a much-talked-about chemistry and The Insider actor will be seen playing a detective in the film set in the 70s, investigating the suicide of a fading adult movie star. The 52-year-old talks about his co-stars, being a a�?nicea�� guy and finding love.

    What drew you to the film?
    I really liked the balance between the two characters (his and Goslinga��s) and the way they interact. And Ryan has a magnificent, innate sense of timing, so the two of us operated really well together.

    How was it working with Ryan Gosling?
    You dona��t have to have a friendship with fellow actors to have chemistry. This kid is a genius and hea��s a cineaste, I appreciate his preparedness to be adventurous and how hard he works.

    Was there a special attraction to shooting a film set in the 70s?
    I suppose it was interesting from the point of view that all the music was familiar to me. One of the cleverest things in the film is how Shane has reached back into history and picked this point in time where certain decisions were made that corrupted Americaa��s future. From that serious point, he decides to make a comedy out of it.

    So, are you a nice guy?
    To me, if somebody is honest in their communication, thata��s a lot easier to deal with. IA�would prefer to be known as somebody whoa��s upfront rather than nice.

    Are you ready to find love again in a new relationship?
    There is a craving for some sort of intimacy in the future. I really need that. I thought I could just tough it out and not worry too much. But you just want the feeling that you have someone you can make a plan with.

    The movie releases on June 3.

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