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    Award-winning series The Affair is now on air with its second season A�

    Winner of the Best Actress award for Television Series Drama at the 2015-Golden Globe Awards for The Affair, Ruth Wilson talks about her role in the hit romantic-thriller. Excerpts of the interview:

    What does The Affair mean to you?
    Ita��s obviously a love affair between two people that are married, but what I like about it is that ita��s told from the perspective of the two people in question. One is Alisona��s (my character), and the other is Dominic Westa��s, who plays Noah. Ita��s basically about how two people view their relationship. The content is interesting and different.

    What does Alison really see in Noah?
    Alison has always wished that she could do more with her life, escape this sort of small community. And Noah a�� a professional, family man, and confident a�� offers that escape. Hea��s more assured. He represents the kind Alison is attracted to.

    Can you talk about the other layers to the series?
    Therea��s the affair which is the main plot obviously. But therea��s also this crime element because Alison and Noah are telling their stories because they are both being investigated. Therea��s been a hit and run, and theya��re being questioned. Thata��s the device that drives the story forward.

    How challenging was it to play Alison?
    It has been challenging; there are almost three versions of Alison. I play my version of events. Then therea��s Noaha��s version, and the version with the detective. Thata��s almost three characters. That was the allure of the piece as well. That’s why I said yes to it.
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