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    From sexist to voice-driven, here’s the new face of online dating 

    Trying to keep the creep factor out of virtual dating is Wyldfire. The application — which is currently in beta and scheduled to launch next month — hinges on sisterhood. While any woman is free to join, a man needs to be invited by a female friend. So you can be sure that the guys you chat with have been approved by someone, somewhere. Details: wyldfireapp.com

    This one works on the premise that the best group to tap for dates is friends of friends. Once you link the app with Facebook, it will send you a list of 10 prospective friends everyday at 7 pm, each of whom you can ‘like’ or ‘skip’. The app is discreet: no one finds out about your ‘like’ unless it is reciprocated. You can also keep track of how many people have a ‘crush’ on you by visiting ‘Secret Likes’. Details: krushapp.com
    This app has everyone talking. Just swipe right or left to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to potential matches based on proximity, and if two users swipe ‘yes’ to each other, it’s a match. The app recently launched Moments, which lets you share pictures with all your matches. Details: gotinder.com
    Giving dating apps an image makeover is Revealr, where the photograph is taken out of the equation. Instead, to make a connection, you listen to a 20-second audio description from your potential match, which is accompanied by a pixelated photo. Only if you like what you hear will the match be made and the photo revealed. For iPhone only. Details: itunes.apple.com

    — Surya Praphulla Kumar


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