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    Tattoo expert Sameer Patange, on trends and how to identify the right artist

    He insists that all his clients do their homework before coming to get a tattoo, but personally doesn’t follow the same. “I know I am contradicting myself,” laughs Mumbai’s go-to tattoo artist, Sameer Patange, quickly adding, “But I don’t put much thought into my own tattoos. When events take place in my life I get them marked.” Patange’s clients include, Hrithik Roshan, Sushmita Sen and recently, Shruti Haasan and Sumona Chakravarti. In fact, his longest session with a client was 14 hours with TV star Rohit Roy. Ahead of his visit to Chennai for a 10-day festival (September 10-19) at Aura, The Park, he shares pointers on getting inked the right way, “Read up about your artist first. Make sure he/she is guiding you and not pushing you. Watch the artist work on a client — they should open the needles in front of you and all their equipment should be covered.”

    reshmaKrishna-kumar-copyIn the industry for 15 years, the student of Dr Kohiyar (aka the godfather of tattooing in India) who works only with vegetable and fruit-based inks,  is confident that tattooing is going to be accepted in a big way. Patange feels that tattoo removing is a big industry today, though it will take a while for diversifications like body modification (like the idea of screwing a pair of horns onto your skull!) and scarification to come to our shores. Radical concepts aside, we ask the artist how many Indians approach him to get their privates tattooed. “A lot of women are getting their upper torso tattooed. But not the men, they prefer to get inked on parts that they can flaunt,” he laughs.
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