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    Road KillA�offers Anglo-Indian food in a camper

    Adding to the citya��s food truck mania is Cafe Road Kill, a passion project started by Varun Srikanth, 29, and Kerina Pereira, 26. Once you get chatty with this enterprising duo, you realise they are in the business purely for the love of food. Thanks to Pereiraa��s Anglo-Indian roots, the food here carries forward the recipes from her grandmother and mothera��s ledgers. Take the beef roast for instance. It is made from pulled beef, which is slow-cooked for six hours in traditional spices that blend into the meat. Tender and aromatic, you will be left licking your fingers.

    Only a month old, Road Killa��s built on a classic Volkswagen 21 a�� a window camper van with funky mascots in form of a bull, hog and rooster that symbolises their food a�� has found several takers in and around Koramangala, 4th block, and Indiranagar, where they usually park and serve between 6-11pm on weekdays. During the day, they hit the tech parks.

    The meat ball curry, served with yellow rice, is one of their hottest dishes during lunch. Made with minced meat balls, and cooked in a spicy coconut gravy, the combination is delicious. Their specialty is their meat, which is marinated for 12 hours, in home-blends and sauces that bring out the strong yet distinct flavours.

    The menu changes every week, we are told. Try any one of their wings (called Wings of Mass Destruction) a�� barbeque, spicy, chilly, peanutty and creamy. We really enjoyed the one with the spicy sauce, which is called mother-in-lawa��s wrath, and is generously used on the wings.
    The peanutty wings is an interesting fusion where the wings are coated with home-made peanut butter, topped with home-made blends and served with spicy crushed peanuts. Quite unique. The subs are soft, with slow-cooked meat chunks (chicken, pork or beef) packed with crunchy garden-fresh coleslaw, served with fries and mayo. And dona��t miss the fries!

    Rs.350 (for two).
    At Koramangala, or Indiranagar.
    Details: facebook.com
    a�� Nandini Kumar


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      Bangalore food at last… Welcome RoadKill