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    Hole in The Wall shakes off the breakfast tag with a new cafe

    An OFF-SHOOT of the ever popular and eternally packed Hole in The Wall Cafe, the new A Hole Lotta Love Cafe continues to stay true to its flagship joint, as we found out one Sunday morning. Located on the first floor, occupying the space that once was Veekes & Thomas, the cafe is bright and cheery. Cute pastel metal planters hang off its railings and the sunny yellow interiors are punctuated with quirky framed art. Though 0901Food8Lead2the proprietors aim to promote the place as more of a lunch and dinner joint, breakfast remains their preferred option as we waited about ten minutes to get a table, around midday.
    New additions
    Seating ourselves along the narrow corridor, we perused through the menu to find that the breakfast options remain the same as Hole in The Wall, but the sandwiches and burgers include a tempting new range of pork and beef creations. On the recommendation of the chef, Rhea Dacosta, we chose to go with the roast pork and egg burger and the sausage pie, which was one of the specials for the day.
    Platter perfect
    The burger arrived first, served with a side of crisp potato chips. Whetting our appetite by nibbling on the chips, we quickly moved on to the burger a�� a substantial affair of a beautifully cooked pork patty, a fried egg sunny side up, tomatoes, onion and lettuce. The slight char on the pork lends a smoky flavour to the dish and tastes divine with the oozing egg yolk. The sausage pie, which arrived a bit late was also a hit, but we would have preferred if it were served with a light refreshing salad to balance its heaviness. Diced sausages are tossed in a tangy spicy sauce with capsicum, olives and onion and served on a bed of mashed potatoes. We loved the sauce and the silky mushy potatoes helped round off the tart and spicy notes.
    Juice of the day was watermelon, which was refreshing and not too sweet a�� just the way we like it. We also ordered the peanut butter and banana smoothie, a classic combination of flavours that rarely disappoints.
    600 for two. At 5th block, Koramangala. Details: 25522562

    a�� Rashmi Rajagopal


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