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Cost for cephalexin Short stories from the writer of Ragini MMS2

WITH a surname like Bookwala, itai??i??s about time that Tanveer released one. The former chief creative officer at Balaji Motion Pictures also runs his own entertainment company, Ding!, and says he likes all things visual: be it sex, violence or horror. He combined all three when he penned Ragini MMS 2, for the 2014 film starring Sunny Leone. The debutante author gets candid about his first collection of short stories, Wet.

Why do you like adult themes?
Where else can you compare the nether regions to deliciously couched innuendos? But a lot of the book is in the foreplay that happens when people are fully clothed.wet-front

How do you leave your inhibitions at the door?
Ironically, there is a story in the book about a slimy Dr Tel Patel, who prescribes secret oils for problems like this.
I grew up around women who embraced their sexuality with a vigorous amalgamation of respect, responsibility and inquisitiveness. That inspires me. So I say it like it is ai??i?? honest, and unfiltered by society. For all other occasions, there is Tel Patel.

Youai??i??re a sci-fi guy. Are you planning a futuristic sequel to Wet?
Yes, there is a sci-fi version in the works. The book FutureX, published by Readify, is in the works. If Wet is the Gotham City of sex, FutureX is the Black Mirror of desire.
What was it like working with Sunny Leone on Ragini MMS 2?
Working with Sunny was fun.
Sheai??i??s is nothing like youai??i??d imagine, and doesnai??i??t inspire graphic visions. In fact, shooting sex scenes can be very mechanical and the only thing that gets turned on are a lot of lights.

Youai??i??re working on a few films too.
Iai??i??m producing three films at the moment ai??i?? one is a mid-life crisis superhero movie, the other is a comic thriller about an assassin turned pastry chef, and the third is a horror movie, about a young artist sketching a Korean horror comic book, which comes to life.

Wet by Penguin Random House India, Rs 299.

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