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    Making a match
    A delightful parody featuring eye candy of the human and canine variety, Funny or Die mocks reality TV show The Bachelor. Scott Eastwood, son of legendary actor Clint Eastwood, is the bachelor looking to find his soulmate. While the dogs, all lined up outside Scotta��s home, are told they must look for a good master, Scott is looking for a a�?good dog who likes to play and take napsa��. While Trixie is a fave, Peanut seems close too. But with a cat thrown into the mix, Scott must choose wisely!
    Love in the air
    This PSA by The Ad Council proves love conquers all. Filmed on Valentinea��s Day in Santa Monica, California, the filmmakers asked couples, siblings, friends, and families to pose behind an X-ray screen. The audience sees kissing, dancing and hugging skeletons. When the people reveal themselves, some are same sex couples, some mixed race ones and others just siblings. The most heart-warming and hard-hitting of the couples is two sisters, of whom one has a disability.
    Metal Poppin
    At a whopping 26 lakh views across all platforms, the heavy metal version of the cheery tune Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is a must watch. While the video retains the original visuals from Mary Poppins, YouTuber Andy Rehfeldt, who also has arranged the music, is the metal singer. While some may think ita��s their childhood ruined, others will find it quite an amusing parody. We, however, would love to hear what is PL Traversa�� opinion of it.
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