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    City-based drum and bass duo, Sapta, is out with its new album.

    There is good news for electronica fans. Sapta, the city-based live electronica act, is out with their titular album. Experimenting with hip hop beats, this jungle-influenced and bass heavy album is all about the number seven. a�?The entire album revolves around sevena��right from the number of songs, to the release date, to the live tour,a�? says Marti Bharath, producer and vocalist. Bharath, who performed at a private rooftop at Thiruvanmiyur with drummer Tapass Naresh yesterday, says theA� sounds in the album are a�?a lot more underground,a�? and flavoured with hip hop elementsa��like the duoa��s favourite track, Le Code Da��Honneur. A year in the making, the album also has artistes like Jhanu from Skrat playing a�?some funky guitar parts which helped shape songs like Brown Sugar & All the Things.a�? Talking about their musical journey so far and how tough it was to make their presence felt in the music scene, Bharath says, a�?Breaking through in a country that has so much talent is hard, but we are lucky that we have the right people listening to us now.a�? Inspired by artistes and bands such as Chemical Brothers, Prodigy and Kanye West, the duo will be doing a seven-city tour and promise to come back to the city to a�?play a banger of a set,a�? that will be open to the public.

    Details: soundcloud.com/sapta

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