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    Luke Kenny tells us about his experiential approach at The Doors tribute at Gateway this weekend

    FORTY years after Jim Morrison and the boys gave us their debut album, their iconic songs and poetry can still stir up some strong emotion. And this is why we are looking forward to The Doors tribute by Luke Kenny tomorrow at Gateway Chennai on OMR. Of course, Kenny is no stranger to our city, thanks to his stint as a VJ, his roles in movies like Rock On!!, his most recent Rise of the Zombie project and his musical performances across the country. Familiar with Thanjavur, Hampi and other cities in the South, courtesy his TV show on luxe train journeys, the critic, director, producer and anchor wants everyone to make it to OMR for the tribute that is part of the Revolution Freedom series. a�?a�?Enter a�?the doorsa�� of perception with me and youa��ll go back home dancing,a��a�� he promises.

    Having performed tributes to both The Doors and Nirvana in the past, Kenny admits that both Morrison and Kurt Cobain a�?a�?were products of their surroundings and the circumstances thereof, which lasted as long as they did. The nostalgia would hopefully inspire musicians of today to forge their own unique identities which as we know is the most difficult thing to do in the 21st century of technological distraction.a��a�� That said, among new talent, Kenny is more than a little excited about Ganesh Talkies from Kolkata, The Vinyl Records from Delhi and Little Babushkas Grind from Chennai.

    Fresh off collaborations with Winit Tikoo, Shveta Salve and Manasi Scott earlier this week, he will be performing with Howard Pereira on guitars, Melroy Coelho on bass, Joseph on keyboards and Sheldon Dixon on drums at the tribute. Hoping to bring a�?a�?a more experiential approach to the musica��a�� he wants to a�?a�?enhance the impact for a new generation and hopefully push them to go and discover the real thing in its entirety.a��a��

    The tribute to The Doors is on December 14 at The Gateway Hotel IT Expressway. 8 pm onwards. Passes per head at `1,000 include unlimited beverages and starters. Details: 66802500 and kyazoonga.com

    a�� Rosella Stephen


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