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    With whole wheat pastas, quinoa paniyarams and multi-grain sahi tukda, your kids will take their lunch to school willingly

    So what if you dona��t have enough kitchen time in the mornings? Thanks to services like that of Kripa Dhevi Dharmaraj, youa��ll never have to send your kid to school with sandwiches again. After stressful episodes with her own four-year-old and a bit of research with other mothers, the idea to start MaCook Lunchbox struck Dharmaraj. With a base kitchen in Porur and an enticing website to boot, MaCook offers three course lunches designed keeping in mind the calories and nutritional requirements of children. Also look out for Bitefresh, a simliar service by the people behind Jusfood.com, expected to launch in a month.

    Three course advantage
    a�?We have set menus for each day, that have been approved by a nutritionist,a�? says Dharmaraj, 28, who plans to launch MaCook Lunchbox by the end of the month. a�?Our nutritionist checks our menu combinations to ensure they have the right balance of protiens, carbs and minimum fats,a�? offers Dharmaraj, before sharing a few examples a�� Quinoa paniyaram, baked vegetable lasagna and sahi tukda made from multi-grain bread; corn and veg lollipops, masala roti wraps with tofu and soya stuffing and a wheat bread pudding; veg seekh kebab, bisibelabath and walnut brownies with peanut ganache. Though they do not offer eggs, Dharmaraj assures us that they make up for it with other vegetables and grains like millets, which are a naturally rich in protien. In addition to the positive feedback from parents, she adds that their puddings (in interesting shapes), sahi tukda and pasta (whole wheat) with alfredo sauce are hits among the kids.

    Packed with care
    With their menus having a mix of various cuisines, Dharmaraj says that they are working on disposable packaging that will be convenient for kids to carry. a�?Packaging has been a challenge, but we are working on it. We are using recyclable, food-grade boxes which are tested to ensure they do not react with the food over periods of time and are also leak proof.a�?Currently doing free trials for around 200 students across various schools, Ma Cook delivers at homes in the morning for individual orders and at the school in the afternoon for orders that come via the school. From `121 onwards per meal (the free trials end this month), with a minimum order for 15 days. For children from class one to 12. Details: lunchboxmc.com

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