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    The next time you book a show at Luxe, be sure to arrive early for a pit stop at 18 Below

    Wedged between screens five and six, you almost dona��t notice the little cafe tucked away behind the ice cream counter a�� if youa��re running back to your movie that is. But arrive early and therea��s no way you can miss the tables with towering menus standing atop them. 18 Below is almost like a fancy attic (the wall even slopes on one side), with a foosball table, two XBox consoles and a pretty table chandelier in a corner. The menu lists 11 flavours (available as a regular or large scoop) with a variety of mix ins to choose from. And if you are not in the mood to create, choose from their set creations.

    Mascarpone-Cheese-with-CandAs much as we wanted to try them all, we decided on a gianduja milkshake, a scoop of stracciatella, and yoghurt with raspberry sauce and blueberry jam. Sadly, the M&Ms and chocolate waffle cones were not available on our visit, so we settled for crumble on our scoop and the regular waffle instead. While the first two could best be described as understated, the last was our favourite, with the berries as a teaser, followed by the mildly tart yoghurt. We ordered a scoop of vanilla and were met with more subtlety a�� no complaints, just that my palate was craving something more pronounced. To my luck, the pistachio (with copious pieces of the nut buried within) was up to the task. Priced from Rs. 80 for a scoop. Details: 42244224

    For some more unusual scoops, try Pabraia��s Fresh & Naturelle. The Kolkata-chain, that has branches in Thiruvanmiyur, Besant Nagar and Ashok Nagar, has introduced flavours like paan and mascarpone cheese with candied fruits (featured on the right), in addition to existing options like wasabi, lemongrass and bubblegum. Therea��s a seasonal special too a�� the Alphonso mango. From Rs. 39 a scoop. Details: 24571749

    a�� Ryan Peppin


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