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Hong Kong-based Ayurvedic brand, Purearth, comes to India with artisanal products featuring Himalayan salt and Kashmir roses

kavitaPurearth, a brand of modern Ayurvedic remedies based in Hong Kong, was born from a desire to create something pure, organic and sustainable. And just 10 months after they started retailing, founder Kavita Khosa has brought her products to the land that gave birth to Ayurveda. A risky proposition? She doesna��t think so. a�?Even in India, Ayurveda is not completely understood in terms of skincare and well being. So while there are a lot of products in the market, they are not made in the way Purearth products are madea��ensuring they are good for you and the people who made it,a�? says Khosa, who quit her job in law a couple of years ago to start this venture.
Pureartha��s signaturea��along with their wild harvested, biodynamically grown ingredientsa��is an emphasis on partnering with micro-credit, womensa�� savings and self-help groups. a�?I wanted to do something with women, something that connected me back to India and something to do with earth,a�? says Khosa, who has a diploma in Ayurveda from the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, USA. She stresses that Pureartha��s signature is its simplicity. a�?For example, a body scrub would have wild harvested pomegranates, biodynamically grown turmeric and cold-pressed apricot oil, all put together by hand. Nothing more,a�? she says,
adding that their recipes are formulated according to traditional ayurvedic principles and indigenous knowledge.

Currently retailing at Khan Market in Delhi and Four Seasons in Mumbai, Purearth products will soon be available at Mumbaia��s Le Mill, too. a�?We want to be in stores that share the same kind of ethos, with a clientele who are willing to support livelihoods and buy something which is socially responsible and ethical,a�? says Khosa, adding that she is looking at bringing her products soon to Amethyst in the city.

Exfoliating face sands, fruit oils and soaps available now. Wild Rose & Seabuck Face Cream is `5,000 for 50 ml. Details: purearth.asia

a�� Surya Praphulla Kumar


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