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    Fastrack ties up with Mercedes Benz to launch a new taxi service in the city

    Three years ago, when Uber made its debut in the country, promising a fleet of luxury cars, most people were thrilled at the prospect of riding swanky wheels at nominal prices. However, after the furore of promotions died down, Chennai did not feature in the list of cities that got the fleet of BMWs, Audis and Mercedes. Last heard, Ubera��s luxury fleet has been replaced across the country with models of Toyota and Honda.
    Now the old war horse, 15-year-old Fast Track, has thrown its hat into the ring with its brand new Kho Cab services, launched earlier this week. Giving us another shot at travelling in a Merc, they have initiated a first-of-its-kind tie-up with the German automobile giant, promising trained chauffeurs well-versed in multiple languages (English, Tamil and Hindi), an option of multiple drop points, standard emergency alert features (available via its app), and GPS-enabled cars maintained by Mercedes-Benz itself. But be warned, the pricing is not the same as call-taxi services like Ola and Uber (Ola charges `2,500 for 250 km or 24 hours). a�?The packages we offer are suited for long rides, of an hour or more. The first one hour or 10 km, we will charge `1,000, followed by `40 per kilometre,a�? says Naresh Kamalnathan, founder of Kho Cabs, adding that they provide special packages to places like Tirupati and Pondicherry (`9,999 for 300 km or 24 hours).
    With 10 Mercs (C class and GLA) on call, and looking to stock 100 by the year end, they are already completing over 40 rides a day. The service is also looking at including SUVs, keeping larger groups in mind.
    From Rs 1,000 an hour or 10 km.
    Details: kho.cab.


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